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You are the expert in building roads, homes and businesses. Stearns Bank has become the expert in building businesses by supporting them during expansion or diversification.

Heavy equipment gets used daily on some of the toughest materials and in rough working environments. Often, that use leads to breakdowns which equals labor without work, delayed schedules or incomplete projects. Stearns Bank knows most businesses can’t afford even one day without the equipment needed to finish the job.

It can be useful to kick the tires on some innovative, new machinery as well to replace old equipment, create better efficiency, upgrade in safety and be able to provide your customers with additional services.

Upgrade, replace or trade –– Stearns Bank provides customized financing options that work best for the situation. We offer fast turnaround times, competitive rates and streamlined documentation.

For dealers, Stearns Bank offers a Customized Portal to track where your deals are at in the financing process. With the portal, you and your customers get a 360-degree view to see what steps remain for you to complete. This is a secure and easy way to send financing paperwork, making the application process faster and simpler.

Brandon Negrich

Team Negrich Landscaping
Central Florida

Brandon started doing tree removal at the age of 15, leading him to start Team Negrich Landscaping. Video | Story

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