Korey Laudenbach

Senior Client Relations Representative

Phone: 800-247-1922

Korey joined the Stearns Bank team in 2018 and has gained an impressive knowledge base focused on equipment financing in the construction and agriculture industries. Korey loves talking with his customers and genuinely getting to know them. He takes great pride in working for an employee-owned company that prides itself on creating a positive, family-like atmosphere.

Korey is motivated by the fact that each day, he is able the help others make their business grow. He is driven by results and strives to meet his daily and monthly goals. In all he does, Korey is known for being a team player, stepping up whenever needed. He is also certified in Action Selling.

Outside of his career, Korey spends his time traveling, watching football, and playing video games. An avid movie viewer, he owns over 650 movies, including some favorites such as the James Bond and Star Wars series and many comedy and action films. Korey can often be found wearing unique bowties and is always on the hunt for new ones to add to his collection.