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CARES Act Update, including the Paycheck Protection Program and other relief efforts.

Branch lobbies temporarily closed - access by appointment only. See expanded drive-up hours on our Locations/ATM page.

Landscaping Company Adjusts To COVID-19’s Impact

Posted by: Andy Rennecke on Apr 03, 2020

Rapid Robert Construction & Tree Services is advising its employees to practice social distancing while adjusting its cash flow to deal with COVID-19.

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6 Things Optical & Dental Practices Can Do During COVID-19

Posted by: Andy Rennecke on Mar 26, 2020

Even though medical professionals can’t see patients right now, they can do other things to help their practice during their down time.

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How To Prep Your Business For COVID-19’s Impact

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Mar 19, 2020

There are ways to get your business ready for the impact that the COVID-19 outbreak will have, including using the Small Business Administration for help.

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Dairy Farmers Continue To Adapt To Renewable Energy

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Mar 13, 2020

Dairy farmers are finding new ways to run their business more efficiently with renewable energy technology that is making a difference in their pocketbook.

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Urgent Care Trends 2020

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Mar 05, 2020

Urgent care medicine has experienced meteoric growth, with convenience, high quality, an ability to significantly lower the cost of care and enhance access.

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The Benefits Of Utilizing A Digital Wallet

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Feb 28, 2020

Contactless payment systems have become a safer option for consumers. Find out how these systems can be utilized for consumers and merchants.

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The Importance Of Having A Business Mentor

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Feb 20, 2020

As a business startup, a mentor with experience in your industry could be beneficial. With the help of this blog, you can start your mentor search today.

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Merchant Services Deliver on Convenience and Security

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Feb 13, 2020

Merchant services, from business partners such as Fitech, improve the customer experience with easy payment methods and secure technology.

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Debit and Credit Cards: Is There a Difference?

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Feb 07, 2020

Debit and credit cards may seem similar, but their features and uses are quite different. Learn how they work before choosing one.

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Phishing Alert: Think Before You Link

Posted by: Adlumin Inc. on Jan 30, 2020

Be careful when you click. That email might not be as innocent as it looks.

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