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Six Signs That You’re Ready To Hire Additional Employees

Jul 19, 2018
Posted by: Stearns Bank

For small business owners, it’s not always easy to know when the right time to hire new employees might be.

If you’re doing everything by yourself as a small business owner, the time to hire might have been years ago. But if you want to succeed, you have to grow. Sometimes there are more tasks to complete than you have hours in the day.

There are some undeniable signs that might help you recognize that you need some more help. Here are a few:

1. You’re Turning Down Work

If you’re turning customers away, and losing business, it’s definitely time to add employees. However, you must investigate whether you can afford another person to come on and help you. If your cash flow is stable, hiring a new employee is a no-brainer.

2. Customer Complaints Are Rolling In

If customers are complaining that things aren’t getting done fast enough, this might be a sign to add some help. Stopping bad worth-of-mouth is key to sustaining a business. Even if you bring someone in to answer the phones and emails, you’re getting hours back to commit to your customers.

3. Your Business Continues To Grow

A growing customer base is a sure sign that your bottom line is improving and that your team might need to grow. If you don’t grow with your customer base, your business’s performance could hit a snag.

4. Employees Are Unhappy

You might have to ask yourself some hard questions as a small business owner if multiple employees start expressing concerns about feeling overworked or being overwhelmed.

A good way to approach this is scheduling a meeting with your employees to improve their morale and productivity. Try mixing duties up among your employees so they get to experience a different part of the business. If nothing changes, then it might be time to go after some new help.

5. Adding New Procedures and Systems

If you add new technology, or new procedures to workflow, this can slow everything down at your small business. Hiring someone who is experienced with the new technology is a good place to start. This can help free up someone else to perform other tasks.

6. A Contracted Hire Doesn’t Work Out

Sometimes instead of hiring a full-time employee, small business owners go the other way and hire a contractor. This can work out, but if it doesn’t it might be time to bring someone in as a full-time employee. And, if the contract hire is working out well, an overture to make them a full-time employee isn’t a bad idea.

Hiring is never an easy thing for a small business. Picking the right time is what really makes the difference. If any of these six signs are familiar to you as a small business owner, the time might be right to hire some new employees.

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