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Year-End Business Planning Should Include Section 179

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Oct 25, 2018

Section 179 enables businesses to write off the full value of equipment purchase up to $1 million.

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Optometrist Uses Section 179 Tax Deduction To Enhance Practice

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Oct 12, 2018

By investing in new equipment for his practice, Elton feels like he was investing in himself in the long term.

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The Differences Between Equipment Finance Agreements And Simple Interest Loans

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Oct 05, 2018

Customers can be confused at times when trying to compare an EFA and a standard simple interest loan.

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The Basic Process To Apply For Equipment Financing

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Sep 27, 2018

Advice to prepare if you’re applying for equipment financing with a financial institution, especially buying equipment for your small business.

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Six Ways Seasonal Businesses Can Manage Their Cash Flow

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Aug 16, 2018

A small business may fail for many reasons – sluggish sales, start-up costs, competition. But the greatest challenge and cause of failure is cash flow.

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Financing Terms Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Jul 12, 2018

Key business financing terms everybody in the small business world needs to know.

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How Small Business Owners Can Use Section 179

Posted by: Stearns Bank on May 11, 2018

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that passed in 2017 made significant changes to Section 179 and first-year bonus depreciation.

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Landscaping Business Beautifies Finances With Section 179

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Apr 12, 2018

Section 179 lets business owners deduct all (or part of) the cost of equipment that is purchased or financed and put into use before the end of the year.

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Does Your Lender Offer Custom Payment Solutions?

Posted by: Stearns Bank on Mar 29, 2018

When a company finances an equipment purchase, the repayment schedule can be as important as any other factor.

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