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    Faith-Based Banking

    Stearns Bank is committed to community-based banking that uplifts communities through financial inclusion.

    Banking for All

    For over three years, Stearns Bank has provided financial support for non-profit organizations that provide faith-based interest-free financing options to communities in Minnesota.

    Stearns Bank has now made a groundbreaking investment in community banking through the launch of its Islamic Banking Division, one of the first by a nationally chartered bank in the United States.

    Stearns Bank’s Islamic Banking Division provides a suite of banking products for customers looking for interest-free banking solutions that are aligned with their values. 

    Islamic Banking - Family Outside

    Islamic Banking Division

    The Islamic Banking Division allows consumers, business owners, and non-profit organizations to earn non-monetary benefits on their Salaam Checking Accounts and interest-free profit sharing on their Salaam Savings Accounts.

    The Islamic Banking Division also provides interest-free financing solutions including equipment financing, vehicle financing, commercial real estate and construction financing.

    Stearns Bank's Islamic Banking Division aims to be the banking partner of choice for ethical banking practices that are competitively priced and interest-free. All of our deposit and financing products have been reviewed and approved by our independent Faith-Based Banking Advisory Board comprised of renowned scholars who are experts in Islamic Finance.

    Islamic Banking - Stearns Financial