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It’s Personal: Why Customer Service In Banking Matters

Apr 27, 2021
Posted by: Stearns Bank
Personal Banking Customer Service

Customer service is different from personal service.

When you’re a customer of a business, you expect personal service to help you understand complex issues that you aren’t familiar with.

Personal service means even more in the banking industry where financial terms aren’t always understood by the general public.

When you’re looking for a bank to work with on financing, or even for your personal accounts, you should look for qualities that align with your needs and values.

Technology plays a key role in customer service, from personal and business finances to new features that can make life easier. Here are some traits to look for in the institution you choose for business and personal banking.


If you’re a business owner, especially a new one, you might not have in-depth knowledge of banking products and services. Finding a bank that offers quality personal service, along with an understanding of your industry, is a big plus.

Your representative should familiarize you with the bank’s offerings, including:

Not only should the employees lay out what the bank offers, you should become familiar with the benefits of their products. Personal service starts with having all the information in front of you and then you can decide. From there, you can rely on the employee for advice on what product or service might work best for you.


You should also look for a bank with employees who have excellent communication skills, especially when you’re trying to understand financial terms and information you aren’t familiar with.

You want a bank that doesn’t overcommunicate industry lingo and provides explanations that are easy to understand. Importantly, you want to deal with bank employees who are accessible, patient and willing to listen. Having someone who is clear, concise and offers reasonable explanations, while also showing empathy, is what every customer wants.

Tech Literate

The technology offerings of a bank can be difficult to understand, especially since changes occur frequently in the financial world.

A good bank customer service representative will be able to help customers understand how to use their platform and what tools they can use to benefit themselves.

Don’t settle for a pamphlet or brochure that tries to explain everything. You want someone to describe the options that are available to you, so you don’t have to keep coming back with questions.

At Stearns Bank, we value customer satisfaction. We always aim to improve your experience by differentiating ourselves through our personal service. To learn more about our cash management options, be sure to click the button below.

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