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10 Self-Care Practices For Small Business Owners During COVID-19

Jun 11, 2020
Posted by: Stearns Bank
Self-Care During COVID-19

Just about everyone is feeling extra stress these days.

None more than you – a small business owner – who has the obligation to take care of their business and employees, while also balancing responsibilities at home. Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave much time for yourself.

The cost of not caring about your own health and well-being can be detrimental to everything you have worked hard to achieve. In times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to take care of yourself.

Focusing on areas to help balance your life while prioritizing your own health and well-being is vital.

The To-Do List

The first step is acknowledging that self-care is important and worth the time and effort.

Engaging in an activity unrelated to your business can refocus your energy, leaving you refreshed with a new sense of purpose. Here are 10 areas to evaluate to help make a positive impact:

  • Get more sleep. Lack of sleep has been shown to cause cognitive impairment, affecting critical thinking, concentration and alertness. With small business owners working more than 60 hours per week on average, chronic sleep loss can lead to accidents at work and serious health risks.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Grabbing food on the run generally isn’t the healthiest or most balanced option. Making educated choices about the fuel refilling your tank can help you endure long days. Try some healthy recipes for your lunchbox. And don’t forget to keep drinking water!
  • Exercise regularly. It’s advice as old as time but exercising a minimum of 150 minutes per week has been shown to alleviate stress, boost immunity and promote better sleep. Even if you are on the move all day, taking time to grab your favorite people for a walk, or listening to an upbeat playlist while you walk the dog, helps you switch out of work mode.
  • Keep making connections. Even when you can’t physically be together, use technology to keep connections with family and friends. Staying in touch can reduce anxiety and stave off depression.
  • Pursue a hobby. Shifting your thoughts to learning a new skill or dusting off long-forgotten projects can boost your mood and provide satisfaction.
  • Just breathe. Take a moment to step back – physically or mentally – and relax. Focus on the simple act of deep breathing to quiet the chaos at work or home.
  • Lean on your support system. Whether family or industry colleagues, talking with others may help work through issues and ease your burdens. On the flip side, let your employees and friends know you are available to listen. Mental health is just as important as physical health, especially in times of crisis.
  • Manage time. Prioritizing tasks can ease the feeling over being overwhelmed and prevent the burnout so many small business owners feel.
  • Focus on the positive. Even during a pandemic, you can find encouragement. Seeking out uplifting stories and appreciating what you have leaves less room for negative thoughts.
  • Volunteer. It’s said that nothing makes you forget your own problems like helping someone else. Opportunities are always available in the community if you look hard enough.

Focus On What You Can Control

As a small business owner, many are relying on you to be at the top of your game. Remember, making yourself a priority may be the best thing you do in the long run.

We can’t share with others that we lack ourselves.

When you’re at work with a renewed sense of purpose and energy, you are giving your best self to your business.

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