Jane Litchy

Jane Litchy

VP, Director of Banking Relationships & Nonprofit Banking

Phone: 320-650-1186

Motivated to help others reach success, Jane has devoted more than 33 years to growing and developing in management, finance and banking.

Jane actively listens and wholeheartedly dedicates herself to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals, businesses, and communities she encounters. She believes that attitude sets the tone in every situation and that the root of success is working together to build respectful, understanding and encouraging relationships.

Recognizing ambition, hard work and common sense in her team members brings deep satisfaction and encouragement to Jane, who is honored to share her experiences with others as they construct their own path to success. Jane measures her success based on the success of those she works with.

Throughout Jane’s career, she has actively served as a president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary for multiple civic and nonprofit organizations in Central Minnesota. Jane frequently attends community activities and takes an active role in providing support wherever needed. Outside of work, Jane enjoys gardening, hunting, fishing, canning, cooking, and capturing the beauty of nature with her cameras.