Savings & Money Markets

Select the Stearns Bank savings or money market account that best fits your personal finance needs.

  • Personal Savings is a simple savings plan with easy access to your funds.
  • Holiday Savings is an easy way to save for the holidays, offering deposits up to $2500, with no withdrawals until Nov 1st.
  • Stearns Select Money Market is a tiered account that offers up to $750,000 FDIC insured funds with our affiliate Member FDIC banks. One free outgoing domestic wire transfer per month.
  • Certificates of Deposit give you the option to lock in a guaranteed fixed rate for the length of time you decide upon. View current CDs options.
  Personal Savings Holiday Savings Stearns Select MMA
Opening Deposit $50 $50 $50
Minimum Average Daily Balance $50 $0 $1,000
Monthly Fee $3* $0 $8*
Interest Bearing X X X
Free Online/Mobile X X X
Get Started Inquire Now Inquire Now Inquire Now
*If Average Daily Balance falls below the minimum