Haley Thell

Deposit Sales Supervisor

Phone: 320-258-7783

Haley has a remarkable ability to quickly grasp new concepts and is always eager to expand her knowledge. She was naturally drawn to the banking industry as it presented her with the opportunity to assist customers daily, helping them navigate their banking options and find solutions.

Haley thrives on building genuine connections and fostering strong relationships with customers and with the nonprofit organizations she works closely with, ensuring that they feel supported and confident in their financial decisions. Her primary focus lies in cultivating trustworthy and meaningful relationships that stand the test of time.

Professionally, Haley’s biggest motivator is success – for herself and for the customers she supports. Personally, she is deeply motivated by her daughter, whom she encourages to dream big and achieve anything she sets her mind to.

In her free time, Haley loves traveling, hiking, spending time with family, and spending time on the water in the summer months.