Hardbower Tree Service

Hardbower Tree Service

Mitchell Hardbower
Boones Mill, Virginia
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It’s not uncommon for Mitchell Hardbower, owner of Hardbower Tree Service LLC, to have his breakfast at the top of tree. Gazing downward, surrounded by fresh air and foliage, Mitchell delights in the unique perspective he and his team enjoy daily.

With every trim, cut, and removal, Hardbower Tree Service, a professional arboriculture provider based in Boones Mill, Virginia, is creating a stronger, healthier, more beautiful view for those they serve.

Mitchell has grown his business from the ground up, deeply rooted in the belief that delivering his best will help grow relationships and success.

“What drives me is to try and provide the best quality service to whoever we’re working for,” explains Mitchell, who was inspired by his father from a young age to combine hard work and passion to create amazing results.

“I’ve always had a passion for working outside and working with my hands,” says Mitchell. “My father built houses with his hands and it was always instilled in me that a hard day’s work is a very rewarding thing.”

With a degree in horticulture, Mitchell merged his dedication to hard work with his drive to grow his own tree care service for private homeowners, government entities, and everyone in between.

“With that combination, I truly enjoy what I do!” he adds.

As they approach and complete each service call, Mitchell and his team focus on earning and keeping the trust of their customers, which is part of why Stearns Bank has become an important link in the Hardbower Tree Service success story.

“What stands out to me with Stearns Bank is that they trust in me, and I trust in them,” he says. “One thing you’ll notice with Stearns Bank is that every time you call, you will have a real person answer the phone and [they] do whatever it takes for you.”

As Mitchell and his business continue growing, Stearns Bank is dedicated to answering his calls on the first ring and helping him find the best custom financing option for the many types of equipment needed to continue its success story.

“Stearns Bank has really been a pivotal part of our company to be where it’s at today!”