Halcyon Village

Halcyon Village

Dr. Taryn Lowery
Midlothian, Texas
equipment finance

Freedom from disease, freedom from discomfort, freedom from wounds and trauma – both mental and physical – at Halcyon Village in Midlothian, Texas, the mission is centered on freedom.

Halcyon Village co-owner Dr. Taryn Lowery and her team provide personalized care and nurturing connections through a range of services including chiropractic, massage, lymphatic therapy, and detoxification, creating a unique approach to "relationship healthcare."

Stearns Bank is delighted to contribute to the success of Halcyon Village by providing equipment financing that aids in the prosperity of the retreat center and the individuals seeking care there.

While other interactions with financial professionals have felt merely transactional to Lowery, her experience with Stearns Bank, she says, has been different because “[Stearns Bank] cared about our success, cared about our growth, and made things uncomplicated.”

Receiving prompt responses and having the ability to connect with Stearns Bank contacts during busy workdays were just a couple of the exceptional qualities that contributed to Halcyon Village's positive experience.

“The operational part was easy,” Lowery added, “but the relationship is definitely what mattered.”