Work with our industry experts to develop a customized package for your new or used equipment finance needs. Some of the industries we specialize in include:  Specialty Vehicles, Fabrication & Machine Tools, Agriculture, Health Care, and Woodworking are some of the industries . You will enjoy our attentive personal service and fast turnaround. We get the job done!

Benefits of Leasing

  • Minimize initial cash outlay
  • Preserve bank lines of credit
  • Conserve working capital
  • Tax opportunities
  • Fixed rate payments
  • Avoid technological obsolescence

Leasing can actually save you money when accounting for your tax liability. That’s because your lease payments are made with pre-tax dollars and cash purchases are made with taxed income. In the long run, paying cash ends up costing more than if the equipment is leased. Here’s an example to explain:

Equipment Cost = $15,000
Divide .70 (30% tax bracket) into the cost of the equipment
Total paid for equipment after tax = $21,429
Paying cash vs. leasing ends up costing you $6,429 more

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