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SNX Technologies has teamed up with Stearns Bank to help you get the equipment you need.   

Stearns Bank is employee-owned with a team who specializes in manufacturing equipment financing. Fast, efficient service is important, so your call is answered on the first ringno automated voice system. Your application can be approved in less than two hours.

Our team of 150 employees is available to help guide you through the equipment financing process. Fill out our secure online application or call us at 1-800-247-1922.

Get The Financing You Need

Is a Step Payment* Structure Right For You?

Step payments allow time for equipment delivery, installation and staff training. You can start earning a return on your new equipment before standard payments begin. Here's an example:

  • Step 1 — No payment for 90 days
  • Step 2 — $99 payments for 90 days
  • Step 3 — 54 months of standard payments

This is just an example of one of the many customized payment terms we can offer.

*Terms are subject to credit approval and offered to those who qualify

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Estimate Your Savings*

Section 179 is an easy to use tax incentive that helps your business keep more capital.

Enter numbers only, no commas.

Equipment Cost (Up To $1 million)

Possible Section 179 Savings (Assuming 35% Tax Rate)

Net Equipment Cost

*Always contact your tax advisor or visit for details.

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