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If you believe any of your information has been compromised, contact your bank immediately.

A few reminders to keep your account information confidential:

  1. When logging in to your Stearns Bank Online account, be sure the complete website address appears in the URL bar: You should then get a message that you are being redirected to Stearns Bank's secure online banking site.
  2. Do not open or respond to any suspicious looking email. Opening this type of message can be dangerous.

Security Tips

Stearns Bank N.A., Stearns Bank Holdingford N.A. and Stearns Bank Upsala N.A. are committed to securing your personal information. The following tips will assist you in protecting your own personal information and increase your level of online security. Click a link to read more.

Online Security Tips (PDF)

You Can Fight Identity Theft (PDF)

Protecting Personal Information - A Guide for Business (PDF)


Security Alerts & Notices

We have been notified of the following security alerts & notices and want to bring them to your attention. Click a link to read more.

Protect Your Data during Cyber Security Awareness Month

Backoff Malware Alert for Businesses

How To Keep Data Out of Hackers' Hands (New York Times link)

Phishing Alerts for ATM & ATM/Debit Cardholders

Military Mortgage Fraud Alert (PDF)

Avoid ATM Skimming 

Fraudulent ACH Transfers Connected to Malware 

Masquerading Web Site - (PDF) 

Fraudulent FDIC Emails (PDF) 

Commercial Account Takeover Notice 

Fraudulent E-Mails Claiming To Be From FDIC (PDF) 

Electronic Payments Phishing Alert (PDF) 

Remote Deposit Phishing Alert (PDF)

Smartphone Safety Measures From IC3 FBI (PDF)