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Robotics Firm Banks on Innovation

Podcast recorded: February 24, 2021

Dave Neville always wanted to own his own robotics business. He achieved his dream, becoming the president of Infinity Robotics LLC in Savage, Minnesota. Learn more about his background and business and how Stearns Bank delivered for him in a time of need during the pandemic.

Lessons Learned

  • A dealer and lender relationship is built on trust. When the financial institution continually delivers, it creates a comfortable referral network for the both of them.
  • Robotic equipment will steadily replace tedious work for humans in the future, including robotic arms that Infinity Robotics produces.
  • Medical robotic equipment continues to improve and is started to be trusted as reliable equipment.
  • Many small business owners were worried about how to sign up for a PPP loan at the beginning of the pandemic, but financial institutions like Stearns Bank helped guide them to the finish line.
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