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Stearns Bank’s Reputation Continues To Grow In Optical Industry

Apr 20, 2018
Posted by: Stearns Bank

Dr. Burt Dubow isn’t exactly sure when he started working with Stearns Bank for his optometry practice’s equipment financing needs, but he counts it as one of the best working relationships he’s ever had.

He started working with Stearns Bank on a recommendation from a colleague.

“As I grew my practices, it was critical in my mind to have two things: the very best and leading technology and a highly personalized relationship with my patients,” Dr. Dubow said. “If I was going to be able to afford the technology piece, Stearns Bank stepped in.

“Stearns Bank always set up an affordable way for me to get the equipment I needed through financing. That way we could stay on top of being a leader in our profession by helping our patients with the best care possible.”

Dr. Dubow, who started Insight Eye Care in Waite Park, Minnesota, started his first practice in 1977 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He owned Insight until he sold off the business four years ago. He still works at Insight two or three days a week depending on the workload.

Dr. Dubow is also the co-administrator for Vision Source Minnesota, a network of private practice doctors of optometry committed to enhancing the profession through communication and education.

That means that Dr. Dubow has attended many ophthalmic tradeshows over the years, including attending every Vision Source show each year. He always expects Stearns Bank’s financing team to be at every tradeshow he attends because of the reputation it has built up in the industry.

That reputation includes the respect that doctors have for Stearns Bank understanding what they need for their practices.

“They have great relationships within our profession because they understand us. Stearns Bank takes great pride in personal care and service. It’s the same thing I do in optometry. Stearns Bank is always willing to sit down and work with doctors on a personal level,” Dr. Dubow said.

“You can’t fake caring about people. You really have to care and show it. Stearns Bank truly does care.”

Dr. Dubow has primarily worked with Mandy Eiynck, who is a vendor relations supervisor and account manager at Stearns Bank. He’s referred others in the industry to Stearns Bank because of the relationship he’s cultivated with Mandy.

“Mandy and her team understand optometry and you can tell she cares and wants you do well,” Dr. Dubow said. “It’s just like having another member of your team. She’s one of our partners. The ultimate focus of what we do is on the patient. Stearns Bank and Mandy get that.”

And whenever Dr. Dubow sees Stearns Bank at a tradeshow, he always cracks a smile.

“Everyone is open and welcoming from Stearns,” Dr. Dubow said. “They have become a mainstay in the optometry world in the last decade. They have become a part of our culture. When we have needed practice financing, we always look at Stearns Bank first.”

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