Online Security To Protect You

To protect the privacy and security of your personal information...

We use the COMODO Digital SSL Certificate to protect our site.

When you enroll in Online Banking, you will select an image called a PassMark™ and a Phrase known only to you. The Image and Phrase will appear every time you log-in, so you can rest assured that you are accessing the Stearns Bank website, not a fraudulent look-a-like site. This feature also helps us to identify you and prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.

Another method used to identify you is to verify the computer(s) that you use to access our website. Our website will remember your computer(s), (e.g. work and home computer), preventing potential fraudsters from logging into your account -- even if they acquire or guess your username and password. Should you need to log-in from a different computer, (e.g Internet café), we will take additional steps to verify your identity, through a series of Challenge Questions you set-up at the time of enrollment.

Above all, this security feature provides a significant increase in your online banking security.

Please keep in mind your online banking UserID and Password are CASE Sensitive