Customized Financial Solutions

Stearns Bank offers customized financing solutions through programs with brokers, vendors and manufacturers as well as directly to customers.

Selling your portfolio to Stearns Bank allows you to turn leases into cash while allowing you to free up lines of credit. We are open to working with brokers who have a wide range of industries & assets.

Here are a few examples of our portfolio purchases:

  • Small-ticket portfolios from $250,000 up to $30 million or more
  • Performing portfolios
  • Well-seasoned or hardly-seasoned – it doesn’t matter how long you’ve had the loan
  • Industry/collateral specific or a variety of industry/asset types
  • Loans and/or leases

All servicing is handled by our experienced professionals. Stearns Bank’s employees always put in their due diligence during the portfolio purchasing process. 

To help you with your portfolio needs, contact syndication specialists Mikki or Kayla, who specialize in buying and selling portfolios. Complete the form or connect via phone.

Call Mikki Hendelman, CLFP or Kayla Perlinger, CLFP at 1-800-247-1922.


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