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Woodworking equipment financing is very specialized and unique, which makes it something that many working woodworking businesses have to plan for.

From furniture, cabinets, counters, shelving, trusses and stringers, Stearns Banks knows woodworking businesses have to have the right equipment to succeed and improve their efficiencies.

Stearns Bank can help you sort through the financing options and work with you to determine your needs. Financing from Stearns Bank has advantages for businesses of all sizes with customized financing options, competitive rates and the ability to conserve cash for other business expenses.

Stearns Bank works to ensure the entire financing process is fast and efficient. Dealers appreciate how quickly we work to get the equipment in the customer’s hands so they can begin using it and seeing results.

Stearns Bank offers a Customized Portal to dealers to track where your transaction is at in the financing process. With the portal, you and your customers get a 360-degree view to see what steps remain for you to complete. This is a secure and easy way to send financing paperwork, making the application process faster and simpler.

Nicole Kenefic

KDA Furniture & Interiors
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Being a female in the woodworking industry is not only rare, but it’s something Nicole takes a lot of pride in. Video | Story

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