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With advancements in equipment technology and capabilities, helping more people while investing in equipment and still running a successful business is a reality. Whether you are an ophthalmologist looking to expand your own business, or a dealer wanting to offer options to your customers, Stearns Bank has helped optical practices and businesses stay ahead of the game.

Our customers appreciate how easy it is to work with Stearns Bank. We offer customized financing options, competitive rates and our convenient and a straightforward process. Stearns Bank will be there from the first piece of equipment to the opening of your new location.

New equipment can be key to reaching new customers or providing new services to current clients by staying up-to-date with technology, expanding your service capabilities and increasing profitability and efficiency.

Leasing new or used equipment makes financial sense for small businesses that want to conserve capital for other business expenses. You can purchase equipment with Stearns Bank with little or zero money down and you can keep your monthly payments low to help conserve your cash flow. Stearns Bank works to ensure the entire financing process is simple and efficient. We understand the quicker you start using the equipment you need, the faster your business will grow.

For dealers, Stearns Bank offers a Customized Portal to track where your deals are at in the financing process. With the portal, you and your customers get a 360-degree view to see what steps remain for you to complete. This is a secure and easy way to send financing paperwork, making the application process faster and simpler.

Dr. Bryan Frazier

Frazier Vision
Tyler and Jacksonville, Texas

Dr. Frazier knows the benefits of financing a complete lane of optical equipment for both of his locations. Video | Story

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