What A Complete Financial Relationship Looks Like At Stearns Bank


What A Complete Financial Relationship Looks Like At Stearns Bank

When a financial relationship turns into a friendship, that means something is going right.


Carrie Jorgenson owns the Pine City (Minnesota) Dairy Queen with her husband, Jim. Carrie has worked in a Dairy Queen since the age of 14 and knows the business model inside and out.


“I’ve been in this business my whole life,” Carrie said. “My husband always wanted to own a business and we purchased the Dairy Queen in North Branch (Minnesota) and Pine City. I knew the business model and Jim was a good business manager. Together, we teamed up and were able to run two locations.


When the Jorgensons were struggling in the late 2000s, Stearns Bank was there to help. The Jorgensons worked with Doug D’Aigle at Stearns Bank’s Pine City location to roll all of their debt into one consolidated loan. The customized terms helped the Jorgensons pay off their financing even faster.


“We had taken on debt from the North Branch Dairy Queen purchase and we were struggling with cash flow,” Jim said. “We struggled for about three years. We were able to get our loans consolidated into one at Stearns Bank in Pine City and that helped save us money over time. Stearns Bank figured out a way to do it and it helped us tremendously.”


Since the Jorgensons started working with Stearns Bank, they have come to count the employees at the Pine City location as friends. Above anything else, the Jorgensons value the personal touch that those employees add every time they stop in.


“Stearns Bank listens to what we need,” Carrie said. “I know they are my bankers, but I consider them friends. I know I’m not a number to them. They always say hi or wave to me when I come in. They let me know that they see me even if they’re on the phone. That friendship and personal touch means a lot to us.”


Jim also runs JJ’s Auction Service out of North Branch. With their business and personal checking accounts all with Stearns Bank, the Jorgensons are happy to have everything in one place to form a complete financing relationship with their bank.


“It’s all about the convenience and the people at Stearns Bank – it’s a good crew,” Jim said. “Running an auction service means you’re running in a lot of deposits to the tellers. They’re always very accommodating. I know if I make a mistake on a deposit slip or something, they will always catch it. You can count on Stearns Bank.”


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