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New Equipment Financing: How It Helps You Attract New Patients


New Equipment Financing: How It Helps You Attract New Patients

No matter their age, people never stop going to their dentist or optometrist. Regular check-ups are just a part of people continually trying to monitor their health.

But not everybody is going to get checked on a regular basis. Dentists encourage their patients to come in twice a year. A lot of them only come once. Optometrists encourage their patients to come at least once a year. Sometimes, patients skip a year or two because they think their eyesight won’t change that much.

The latest equipment provides an incentive for patients to come your office more regularly. It can also attract new patients eager to connect with providers with state-of-the-art equipment.

New equipment financing helps you get that equipment to you sooner than later. There are different loans to choose from that best suit your needs and help support small business growth through medical practice financing.

Learn how financing new business equipment helps you attract more patients into your office on a regular basis.


The Benefits Of Purchasing New Medical Equipment

Mandy Eiynck, a vendor relations supervisor at Stearns Bank who works in the ophthalmic industry, thinks patients always respond well to seeing their doctor use the best technology possible.

“Getting new equipment provides the patient with the most updated technology, which can mean a potentially more thorough exam. For doctors in ophthalmology, it gives them the ability to check and monitor several eye-related health concerns,” Eiynck said.

New technology is also attractive to the younger generation. It’s one of the most influential factors younger people consider when selecting a doctor.

No prior generation associated technological innovation with quality more than millennials do. In addition, millennials are beginning to move away from their parents’ insurance plans to ones offered by their employers. That means they are looking for new primary care providers.

In addition, baby boomers are getting older and are starting to need more medical care. They are also looking for the best services possible to help them stay healthy.

The bottom line is patients of all ages love the convenience of getting a broad array of tests and procedures done by a doctor who they trust and like. Even routine physicals and dental cleanings are more comfortable and valuable thanks to tools like ultrasonic scalers, digital spirometers and cordless endodontic motors.


Noticing A Difference From New Medical Equipment

Advertising the expanded services from your new medical equipment is a great way to market yourself as an expert.

“New technology is generally attractive in today’s market,” Eiynck said. “Some doctors believe their current equipment is sufficient and does what it needs to do. However, it can be argued that there is always potentially better, newer or more advanced equipment that could do more and offer a better experience for the patient.”

Eiynck has heard plenty of stories from eye care professionals after they’ve financed new equipment for their practice that they’ve noticed a difference in the way they treat their patients.

“They’ve detected potential serious issues or conditions that they wouldn’t have been able to detect without it,” Eiynck added. “In many cases, the earlier you detect a possible issue, the higher the possibility of preventing it from progressing.”


Keep A Watch On Medical Equipment Technology

Staying up on the latest technology is something Eiynck would recommend to any doctor.

Falling behind your competition is something that can hurt your practice.

“I think it’s important to stay educated on what is available and how technology changes,” she said. “From there, they can determine how to best incorporate new things into their practice.”


How Equipment Financing Helps You Get The Medical Equipment You Need

Buying new medical equipment helps you attract more patients and provide better care. But it’s important to be strategic about the way you acquire your equipment.

Medical equipment financing allows you to get the equipment you need without having to drain your business bank account. It also allows you to control your costs with monthly payments. As you seek a lender for your medical equipment loan, look for a bank with extensive experience working with healthcare providers. With the knowledge built up from this experience, your lender will know how to assess the potential resale value of your equipment more quickly, which expedites loan approval speed.

With the right financing and the right equipment, your practice will be all set to grow and thrive as technology changes.

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