How Good Customer Service Positively Affects Veterinarians’ Practices


How Good Customer Service Positively Affects Veterinarians’ Practices

When a veterinarian handles the pets they’re treating with a little tender, love and care, it leads to a happy owner.

If a veterinarian succeeds at creating positive, personal customer service that leads to good word-of-mouth, it can benefit their bottom line in the long run.

Here are a few tricks that vets can use to create a practice that clients will return to time and time again.


Employing Calming Techniques For Pets and Owner

Stearns Bank veterinary financing experts Ellen Boquist and Jaclyn Vogel are both proud dog owners. They both expect any veterinarian they work with to be calm and reassuring to them, and their dogs.

Applying personal customer service as a veterinarian isn’t that hard. In fact, it comes natural to most doctors in the profession.

“Our dog is a family member and I expect that the veterinarian is knowledgeable in all aspects and be able to provide me all available treatment options accompanied by possible outcomes for each option,” Ellen said. “The way I see the vet and staff interact with my pet sets me at ease.

“If they are gentle and caring, I know that if I should have to leave my pet overnight, they will extend that same level of care even when I’m not present.”

Going the extra mile by using calming techniques for pets with a good bedside manner is something that pet owners will see right away and respect.

“I expect the veterinarian to treat my pet with the respect that they would give any person,” Jaclyn said. “I would also expect them to keep me informed with all possible treatment options that are necessary and recommended. Having a vet that shows compassion towards the animal can put you at ease and reassures them that their pet is going to be left in good hands.”

Some calming techniques for pets that Ellen and Jaclyn have noticed their veterinarians use are soothing, assertive voices, petting in a kind and loving way and giving the pet a treat after the exam is over.


How To Create Personal Customer Service

Ellen and Jaclyn know how busy veterinarians are every day. They respect that the professionals they know always take the time to get to know their clients and pets.

People choose to become veterinarians because of their love of animals. They work late hours, skip lunches and do whatever it takes to make sure an owner’s pet will be OK.

However, bad word-of-mouth can definitely impact a practice’s repeat business opportunities. One area that could be negatively affected right away is online with bad reviews from patients.

“In this day and age, people can write Yelp reviews and rate businesses on Facebook. That’s why personal customer service is key. Referrals and recommendations mean a lot when it comes to deciding who to trust in caring for your pet,” Ellen said. “It’s optimal that customers have a positive experience with their vet so they are more likely to refer a co-worker, friend or relative.”

The chances of the practice being able to grow also depends on positive feedback from patients.

“Personal customer service is something that can help or harm a business’s reputation,” Jaclyn said. “If there’s bad customer service, the chances of repeat customers or referrals is very slim. However, if the business provides excellent customer service, the business will thrive and grow.”


Being Proactive On Social Media

To help stand out above other practices, and take a proactive stance, veterinarians can talk with their satisfied clients and encourage them to leave positive reviews. This can lead to a more accurate reflection of how the clinic actually operates while showing off a high customer satisfaction rate at the same time.

Offering up a small gift for leaving a positive review is usually incentive enough for anybody.

And being active on social media by posting pictures of satisfied owners with their happy pets is also a great, budget-conscious decision that reflect well on a practice.

“Who doesn’t love looking at cute and happy puppies and kittens,” Ellen said. “This helps customers connect with the veterinarian before they even come in.”

Added Jaclyn: “People spend a lot of time on their electronic devices today. Promoting the practice through social media is a constant reminder to people with pets that the vet is close by and somebody they can trust. Seeing positive customer reviews on social media may also put the pet owner’s mind at ease.”

Doing the little things can go a long way to helping a veterinary practice succeed.

When a vet makes the animal and owner feel comfortable, even in the most uncomfortable of appointments, it can help repeat business and a practice’s bottom line.

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