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Craig & Chuck In A Truck: How Ag Tech Is Changing Efficiencies


Craig & Chuck In A Truck: How Ag Tech Is Changing Efficiencies

Welcome to our new vlog series entitled "Craig & Chuck In A Truck," that features Craig Kern and Chuck Parker from the Stearns Bank Equipment Finance Division.

Since June is Dairy Month, it's the perfect time to dive deep into some hot topics in the agriculture world.

In our first episode, Craig and Chuck are making a trip to a local vendor that they work with. While on their voyage, Chuck and Craig talk about how technology in the agriculture world are improving efficiencies for farmers.

From drones to GPS mapping to robotic milking to solar panels, farmers are becoming a source of innovation. By embracing advanced technologies, farmers have benefited from a boost to their bottom line while reducing waste, producing energy and protecting the environment.

Craig and Chuck attend many trade shows every year to learn more about the latest technologies changing the ag industry. Watch this video to learn more about how new equipment is making a difference for farmers in a tough market.






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