6 Smart Decisions To Grow Your Medical Practice


6 Smart Decisions To Grow Your Medical Practice

Medical professionals, whether it be in the optometry, ophthalmology, chiropractic, podiatry, veterinarian or dental fields, usually start out as a small business owners. Some stay under that category for a longer period than others.

If you’re looking at bringing in patients by word of mouth, that takes time. But there are some easy ways you can help grow your practice at a faster rate than normal.

What Growth Actions Medical Practices Can Take

  1. Monitor Reviews

    When people are looking for a doctor, no matter the field, they check review websites like Yelp and they Google the practice to make sure its reviews are up to par.

    If you don’t have a 4-plus star review on Google in this day in age, your practice could be negatively affected. To help encourage strong reviews, it’s important that you respond to the negative reviews right away.

    Showing the public that you’re engaged as a small business owner and that you’re taking the time to address these complaints is important to consumers. If you notice a trend in the negative reviews, create a plan to try and help resolve it. And, when talking to long-term patients of your practice, encourage them to leave a review on Yelp or Google. The more positive reviews you have, the better off your practice will be.

  2. Establish Your Practice On Social Media

    Marketing yourself as an expert in your field can be done via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn are good examples).

    You can also run social advertisements on Facebook, for instance, and bring in new patients that way. Posting links to advice articles, writing your own blog, publishing testimonials or posting happy customer photos from visits is a good way to show patients just what you’re all about as a small business owner.

  3. Engage In Public Events

    Whenever there is an expo or convention to attend that relates to medical professionals, and you know it’s going to be well-attended, you should set up a booth to chat with the public.

    Taking part in community service projects or fundraising events is even better. Community engagement is an outstanding way to establish your practice as charitable and that you care about helping those in need.

  4. Consider Expanding Your Services

    Making sure that you pay attention to changing analytics and demographics is vital. If you notice you’re treating younger families instead of older patients, you may want to bring in another doctor or medical professional depending on your field.

    If something happens in the city your practice is in, like major layoffs by a large employer, offering a free or discounted first visit might be a good idea.

  5. Create A Plan For Follow-Up Appointments

    Many doctors don’t tell their patients when they’d like to see them back in their office again. They simply rely on the patient to have a need to come back.

    Patient retention is more important than ever. Patients want to hear – in a step-by-step fashion – how things will proceed from their initial visit. Scheduling that follow-up visit is a good way to build rapport and to establish a trust for any small business owner.

  6. Look Into A Working Capital Loan

    Performing an audit of your spending to see what you can possibly afford to upgrade your practice’s equipment, or even remodeling your office, is something you can look into fairly easily.

    A working capital loan might not only help you draw in new patients, but it also gives them a better experience.

    Creating a top-notch customer experience should be a main priority for any small business owner and medical equipment financing might be a good avenue to look at.

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