Norman C. Skalicky

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Phone: 800-320-7262

Stearns Bank is synonymous with stability. It begins with our chairman and owner, Norman C. Skalicky, who first purchased majority ownership in Stearns County State Bank in 1964, and First State Bank in Albany in 1966.

Our stability is continuing with Kelly Skalicky as CEO and president. Our culture mirrors the values and beliefs of Norm and the Skalicky family. Under their direction, Stearns Bank has grown from a small rural bank to a nationwide, results-driven commercial banking company, demonstrating a keen appreciation for risk and reward.

Under Norm and Kelly’s leadership, the future is bright. Technology advances have made our customers’ journey faster, easier and more secure. Our strategic plan builds on past success – strong credit and a rock-solid capital position.

Our strength is driven by the experience and contributions of our dedicated employees. Our employees’ drive, commitment and hard work help our customers succeed and achieve their dreams. At Stearns Bank, we foster positivity and collaboration. Our employees are the foundation that Stearns Bank is built upon.