July 12, 2013 - We have been made aware of two types of phishing attacks targeting Stearns Bank ATM and ATM/Debit cardholders.

1. The cardholder receives a telephone call from a person claiming to be from Stearns Bank. They inform the cardholder that their debit card was de-activated and verbally requests the 16 digit card number to reactive the card. They may also ask the cardholder to press #1 on their keypad. This is NOT A VALID TELEPHONE CALL, please do NOT give out your card number.

2. The cardholder receives a phone text message stating their card has been deactivated and gives a phone number to call and re-activate their card. When the number is called, the caller is prompted to enter their 16 digit card number. This is NOT A VALID MESSAGE, please do NOT enter your card number.

Stearns Bank will not initiate a telephone call or text message to request a cardholder’s ATM or ATM/Debit card number.