Advanced Eye Care Center

Perry, GA
Dr. Matt Dixon

Dr. Matt Dixon doesn’t have time to deal with any hassles when utilizing equipment financing.

That’s why the owner of two Advanced EyeCare Centers in Georgia has been financing equipment with Stearns Bank for the past six years. In all, he has financed six different pieces of equipment with Stearns Bank.

Advanced EyeCare Centers are located in Perry and Warner Robins, Georgia.

Two of those purchases recently included two specialty instruments called LipiFlow from Johnson & Johnson and the SightSync neuro lens. These instruments have led to an increase in profit, especially since many optometrists don’t have this type of equipment in his area.

“Compared to other banks I had worked with in the past, working with Stearns Bank was a much more streamlined process,” Dixon said. “Everything was quicker and Stearns Bank took care of the details directly with the vendor I was purchasing from. That’s the main reason I’ve kept coming back.”

“Compared to other banks I had worked with in the past, working with Stearns Bank was a much more streamlined process.”

Even with minor cash flow struggles before the purchase of these latest machines, Dixon was able to work with Stearns Bank on financing. Since he put the two machines into use, his revenue has skyrocketed nearly 20 percent. Taking the risk of financing the equipment despite cash flow issues helped turns things around for Advanced Eye Care.

“Our revenue is growing in part because of this new technology. We are not only taking better care of our patients, but it’s proven to be profitable,” Dr. Dixon said. “We had a record month for profit in April (2018). We are one of the first practices east of the Mississippi to get the SightSync instrument. It’s very unique. For a small town in Georgia to have this advanced technology means a lot. Our patients tell us we really go beyond the typical eye exam and that we are solving problems no one else has been able to.

“People keep coming back because of the care they receive.”

The well-being of his customers is what is most important to Dr. Dixon. He sees that Stearns Bank has an interest in his practice’s success, but also who he is as a person.

“Stearns Bank understands what our customers, and my practice, needs. They have a lot of experience in the ophthalmic industry. As an owner, that’s so nice to see. They helped me when they didn’t have to.

“You can’t grow a practice without being cutting edge. Sometimes doctors bring in technology too late. You need to take smart, calculated risks. Financing can be made easy, but it requires due diligence. Once you make the choice to use financing, Stearns Bank makes everything that much easier on you.”