The NRP Group LLC


    George Currall

    The NRP Group LLC is a fully integrated, premier apartment developer, general contractor and property manager. George Currall has worked for NRP since 2008 as its Vice President of Finance. NRP and Stearns Bank have a longstanding partnership, one which George is glad he inherited when he took the job.

    He has worked for the past seven years with David Feriancek, the Vice President of Commercial Lending at Stearns. Part of George’s job is paying off NRP’s debt and managing its equity, along with running its underwriting team.

    The SBA construction loans that NRP has with Stearns have always yielded quick and sustaining results. George appreciates that Stearns isn’t a commodity bank and he goes to David when he knows he needs a loan done the right way.

     “I always know David and Stearns can deliver when I need them. I have no question in my mind about that. You just have the assurance that they’re going to execute for you.”