The Integral Group LLC


    Egbert Perry

    Building affordable housing in urban areas isn’t always an easy thing to accomplish. But The Integral Group, based out of Atlanta, has succeeded at it since 1993. Egbert Perry, the Chief Executive Officer of Integral, wants to help mixed income families who are struggling to find a home a place to in one of his properties.

    The Integral Group and Perry completed their fourth loan with Stearns Bank in 2016. They completed an apartment unit in Denver, Colorado, by working with Stearns. Perry considers Stearns’ fast response time as one of the main reasons that the project was able to be completed so quickly.

    “I consider Stearns a customer-centric bank that is willing to meet customer’s time tables, even if they are unreasonable. I can count on Stearns to listen to what I need, have them evaluate it and get back to me right away. There is no lip service, which I really appreciate.”