Tejas Housing Group


    Tim Lang & R.J. Collins

    Tejas Housing Group has found a great partner in Stearns Bank. Tejas, which is based out of Austin, Texas, has used Stearns for 15 different construction loans to build high quality, affordable rental communities for working class Texans in cities all throughout the Lonestar State.

    Tejas Director of Tax Credits Tim Lang has worked extensively with David Feriancek, the Vice President of Commercial Lending at Stearns. As Tejas Housing Group has grown, so has its relationship with Stearns. Tim credits Stearns’ ability to be flexible during the loan process for making things work so smoothly. The relationship is so solid that Tim and his co-workers have even come up to Minnesota to meet with David and his team.

    “Our comfort level with the Stearns staff is really high. We trust and respect the people with deal with at Stearns Bank. The proof is in the pudding because of those 15 successful loans.”