Carol Wehrman

    Carol Wehrman has invested in owning three different SuperCuts locations in the Houston, Texas, metro area. She’s hoping the investment pays off so she can retire early from her day job and concentrate on running those stores full time in the future.

    To get those stores up and running, she needed help from Stearns Bank with SBA loans. Carol admits that she got frustrated with the SBA loan process itself from time to time, but her confidence in Stearns and lender Jeremy Goltz never wavered.

    Because of her day job, she was only able to communicate with Jeremy by e-mail on a regular basis. Despite that obstacle, she has almost completed her third loan with Stearns.

    “Stearns and Jeremy were always good about listening to me. They understood the SuperCuts model and how it was going to work. That’s why it went so smoothly.”