IHI Compact Excavator Sales LLC


    Bart DeHaven, Brandon Jones, Ryne Kaufeld, & Kendall Aldridge

    Bart DeHaven and IHI Compact Excavating has worked with Stearns Bank for the past four years. IHI, which is based out of Kentucky, is a construction distributor that sells excavators, track loaders and carriers to businesses in North and South America. Stearns handles the financing for IHI’s customers. Bart, who is a national sales rep, considers the partnership a strong one because of working with people like Stearns lender Michael McElroy.

    Bart appreciates that Stearns is a family-run business, just like IHI is. He also likes that a real person answers the phone when he calls in to the Equipment Finance Division instead of getting an automated response.

    “We’re family-owned and we take pride in that. When I call in for Michael, or someone else, somebody always picks up and says ‘we get the job done.’ There’s something to be said about that. Customers appreciate it. You can tell Stearns is a real family. Everything is done the right way.”