Ground Logistics Inc.

    Scott Olsen & Chris Cobb


    Working exclusively with Stearns Bank is something that Scott Olsen doesn’t take for granted. The ease of getting the vehicles he needs financed for his two businesses has made things a lot easier on him as the person who runs operations for both. Scott is a co-partner with Chris Cobb at Ground Logistics, Inc. and Synchronized Logistics, Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina. Both are Fed-Ex contractors.

    Scott admits that he doesn’t have time to sit in a bank waiting to hear what his options are. That’s why working over the phone with Stearns Bank lender Chad Primus has saved him so much time. He credits Chad and Stearns for making everything go smoothly whenever he needs to do financing for a vehicle – from a truck, tractor to a van.

    “Chad and Stearns have been great for me and they’ve been great to work with. It’s just the ease of everything. I call Chad up and tell him what I want. From there, he sends me all the financial stuff and we’re good to go after that. The process is made simple and easy.”