Glaze Teriyaki


    Paul Krug & Dennis Lake

    Paul Krug had worked with a national bank for a period of time and had finally had enough. When he was referred to Stearns Bank, he came in very skeptical of financial institutions in general. After working with Stearns and lender Ben Copperthite on two SBA loans, he is a very happy restaurant owner. Paul, who owns Glazed Teriyaki in Madison, Wisconsin, and two different locations in New York City, says that Stearns offered a more personal touch and a better understanding of the SBA process. Stearns had a grasp of understanding the effort it took to get an SBA loan finished within a scheduled timeframe, which Paul more than appreciated.

    Glazed Teriyaki specializes in healthy Japanese food made from scratch. They have a small, simple menu so their customers can get in and out as fast as possible. That kind of speed and responsiveness was something Stearns also offered Paul. 

    “I understood the SBA loan process was a comprehensive one. I had been at Chase and they didn’t know a lot of the simple processes. It was nice to know that Stearns understood those things. I would definitely come back to Stearns again.”