Bullock Home Care LLC


    Sandra Bullock

    Predictable can be a good thing. Sandra Bullock started her own home health care business, Bullock Home Care, in 2016 and needed a working capital loan from Stearns Bank to finish the process.

    Sandra has worked in home care and hospice for years as a registered nurse. Bullock Home Care helps people who need assistance in their day-to-day activities like making a meal or bathing.

    From the beginning, Sandra could tell that Stearns was going to be a reliable partner, and, yes, predictable.  Sandra wouldn’t hesitate on coming back to Stearns in the future.

    “Stearns guaranteed the loan to get us the right amount so we could get started. I was very satisfied with Stearns. It was easy and quick. I can’t think of any problems we had. Everything went as planned. That’s why it was predictable.”