Bella Victoria LLC


    Hudd Hassell

    When Hudd Hassell needed his apartment complex to get even bigger, there were complications. Hudd, the president of Bela Flor Inc., had to go back to Stearns Bank commercial lender Michael Whalen to ask for more money after realizing his company’s small condo project should turn into 236 apartments and a large complex across 15 acres.

    The project went from $5 million to more than $26 million overnight. Stearns Bank and Michael did their due diligence and came back to Hudd and said they could help finance the massive project. Hudd has known Michael for more than a decade. That prior relationship helped lead to trust, which led to the massive apartment complex being built in Mesa, Arizona.

    “This experience with Michael was remarkable. There were a lot of complexities to go through, but Michael saw the end game. We did a major pivot. I can’t say enough good things about working with Stearns Bank. They took a hard look and realized we could do this. I know we’ll have more deals to do together in the future.”