AmeriTex Pipe & Products LLC


    AmeriTex Pipe is one of Texas’ top suppliers of reinforced concrete pipe for culvert and storm drain installations. AmeriTex was looking for a loan while putting up a concrete pipe manufacturing plant in Conroe, Texas. AmeriTex Chief Financial Officer Rafael DeLoera was a commercial lender for 13 years before joining AmeriTex six years ago.

    But finding a loan for a construction project was new to him. After a referral led him to Stearns, he was happy to have someone help him through every step of the commercial lending process. He credits the team at Stearns for always picking up the phone, calling him and letting him know what phase of the process the loan was in.

     The project wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without Stearns’ involvement, and for that, Rafael is grateful.

    “It was a very easy and simple process with Stearns. The team at Stearns made it simplistic for me. They helped get the project off the ground.”