Stearns Bank is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.

MEDICA Health Plan*

  • $2500 deductible single; $5000 deductible family
  • Portion of the deductible is picked up by an HRA
  • Monthly Cost to Employee: $170 single; $678 family

DELTA Dental Plan**

  • 100% Preventive Care; $50 Deductible
  • Monthly Cost to Employee: $15 for single; $40 family

Short Term Disability*

60% of pay for 13 weeks - No charge to employee

Long Term Disability*

BASIC; 60% of salary - No charge to employee

Group Life*

1 1/2 times salary; AD&D (max $100,000) - No charge to employee

Optional Life*

Employee: Up to 3 times salary, max $500,000; Spouse: 50% of EE, max $50,000; Children: $10,000; Monthly Cost to Employee: Based on age

Dependent Life*

$5,000 per dependent - No charge to employee


All employer contributions. Become a participant on first anniversary date (Dec. 31st) following your initial date of service. Must be age 21 and credited with at least 1000 hours of service for the plan year ending on that anniversary date.


All employee contributions. Four entry dates: Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, and Oct 1


10 paid holidays. Must be employed 90 days to qualify.

Additional Benefits

Vacation, sick leave, personal time off, flex plan, EAP and banking services (including free checks)

*Coverage is effective one month from date of employment. For active full-time employees of Stearns Bank.
**Dental coverage is effective beginning on month following 30 day waiting period.